About us...

Our Mission

To help Embrace your internal beauty and naturally bring out that self-confident glow. Create your canvas however you desire. You are what You wear. 

Embrace You, Do You, Be True

Our Brand

Simonsayz Creations was rebranded in February 2020 from Simonsayz Nails and Sip, press-on nail business created on February 1, 2019. There has been a lot of thought that has been put into this brand. We know what we wanted to do for others but it wasn’t coming out in words how we wanted. Through trials and tribulations, we finally found the right words and deliverance.
We strive on allowing one to embrace themselves and to realize it is okay to be different. We believe in above and beyond customer service as well as our handmade with love products in order to be a True, Transparent, and an Authentic brand.
Our products are handmade with natural and cruelty-free ingredients, hand-created to be different, and hand-designed with love. 


Meet Symone aka Simonsayz, the beauty and the brains behind this black owned business. She is a jack of all trades and is completely happy when she knows that she is helping others. Her biggest dream is to do something that would help others any way she can, the best way she knows how. But she wasn’t as outgoing and strong as she is now. Growing up she was picked on, called mean names, and discriminated against because of the way she looked. One thing for certain, she didn’t let the negativity stop her. Symone pushed through to expand her knowledge by attending an university, where she learned that people didn’t really notice her looks because her personality was that attractive to others. Symone loves to learn and if school was free she would be going back for multiple degrees. Completing her college chapter with a Bachelors in Science, she continued carrying out her dream by volunteering at her local food bank, donating to the homeless, and more. After not being truly satisfied with the corporate work life, she decided to start her own business in 2019, Simonsayz Nails and Sip, to eventually leave the corporate world to do what she loves (HER business) full time. February of 2020 she rebranded and changed the name to Simonsayz Creations because there is more than just nails that creates a person's canvas (look and/or style). Symone loved making things that brings someone else a smile, and that is why she changed it to Creations which includes everything from cosmetics to nails to apparel and more.
Thank you for getting to know us and Supporting our brand.